Amazing things come from combining red, green, and blue.

The Story of IWB

First, so far, this is mostly all made by one person… me. I’ve built it with the intention to expand beyond that… but in the mean time it might be helpful to understanding a little bit about me to get the ‘gist’ of what’s going on here.

I am a ‘thinking’ person. One might even say that I ‘think too much’. ‘Too much’ meaning that I should probably ‘do’ a little more, and think about things a little less. On the flip side to that, when I ‘do – do something’, you can rest assured that there was a lot of thinking behind it.

I am also a very ‘intentional’ person, and I have to have really ‘good’ reasons to ‘do’ something. The idea of ‘good’ is often a strange point of contention, lots of people seem to think good is subjective. I concede that, to a point, but there are universal melodies and harmonies that transcend individuality.

To me, ‘good’ is a form of ‘right’, but ‘right’ is not this weird ‘mystical’ and ‘magical’ thing that people seem to think it is. It’s also not the opposite of ‘wrong’. The two, right and wrong, are mutually exclusive, but that doesn’t make them opposites by default.

Right is about ‘angles’, about stable structures, about solid foundations, about things supporting each other, about the universal melody and harmony that those things bring into being when they are in ‘tune’ with each other. These days the very idea of ‘righteous’ incenses and enrages people. Once upon a time, it was something to aspire too.

There is a lot of thinking behind InnerWebBlueprint, which makes it a little difficult to explain simply. It’s a little bit like a movie, in that you have to sort of watch the whole thing to grasp all the relationships. If I had to describe it in a single sentence:

IWB is about internal relationships, a blueprint for how they are formed, and specifically the architecture and design of good ones.

internal relationships, blueprint, good

– monkey speak

That sentence is just like the movie ‘trailer’ though, and those ‘red’, ‘blue’, and ‘green’ sentiments make up an entire kaleidoscope of much more going on on-the-inside.

Red, Green, Blue Inside the Eye

The RGB color model is an additivecolor model[1] in which the redgreen, and blueprimary colors of light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. The name of the model comes from the initials of the three additive primary colors, red, green, and blue.

The RGB color model is based on the Young–Helmholtz theory of trichromatic color vision, developed by Thomas Young and Hermann von Helmholtz in the early to mid-nineteenth century, and on James Clerk Maxwell‘s color triangle that elaborated that theory (circa 1860).


Color is as amazing to me as language, as both are ‘waves’ of fractalized meaning, each with its own frequency, amplitude, oscillation and intensity (or power).

Let’s start with the name. Inner Web Blueprint. I’m talking about how everything is connected, like a web, and specifically the connections on the ‘inside’ that make up the web.

Inside implies that there is an outside, and I mean that implication on purpose. Like if you go to a ‘show’ or a ‘presentation’, that’s all the ‘outside’. There’s lots of connections there too, but those connections are more ‘results’ oriented, than ‘planned’ or ‘blueprinted’… as it were.

I’m interested in the inside, or inner connections, that when planned well, result in extraordinary ‘presentations’. There’s a lot to that, because extraordinary presentations are more about the authenticity of the inner connections, than the fussing about the presentation itself. Pedantic for certain…

You might think of that difference as ‘looking good’ versus ‘being good’. ‘For Realz’ might be a colloquial identification of the same phenomenon, at least to my generation.

We currently live in a world that is extraordinarily obsessed with attempting to control external connections. It is a world obsessed with profit. I call it the ‘slave masters’ world, where everyone wants to be a king, or commander, of everything around them.

Ironically, the cause of that phenomenon is a near complete absence of exercising the one true power everyone actually does have… the power to be king, queen, commander, even emperor, of themselves. That is everyone’s individual creator given sovereign right. It pretty much can’t be really taken away… oppressed or sure… but never actually taken away.

Ironically this quest for ‘external’ power and authority has left most people completely devoid of the one thing they could actually have command and control over… themselves, the inside, and the influence of things directly connected to them. I call all those connections the ‘inside’, or ‘inner web’.

Even more ironically, having control over yourself, is the only real and true power… You might call that a ‘sovereign power’.

(picture sovereign definition)

Commanding or controlling anything outside yourself is mostly an ‘attempt’ that can’t actually produce any ‘real’ result. It can sometimes produce an illusionary result or ‘facade’, especially in our material world… but that is an illusionary correlation that pretty much always leads to ruins. You cannot conquer hearts and souls, those things can only be won. I get lots of arguments on that point, it’s the one that upsets the most people. I guess that’s where it ‘hurts’ the most?

Freedom of choice is mostly an illusion, save the choice to think freely. To some people that is not viewed as a choice, but rather a right of being sovereign. That’s because, and this seems a mystery to most, in the absence of choice is where you find the presence of ingenuity. Ingenuity is the breeding ground of possibility… things that could be.