All About IWB WP Website Factory

So what the heck is this IWB WP Website Factory?

Inner Web Blueprint WordPress Website Factory.

This first part is for ‘non-technical’ people. Skip to the technical parts below if you are ‘nerdy like that’.

I host a lot of WordPress sites. Some are mine, some I host for others who pay me, and some I host for family and friends. Some are really big sites that get lots and lots of traffic, and some barely get any traffic at all.

Some started out small and got really really big, and some that were really really big are now pretty small. Maybe you see where I am going with this…

I hate hosting websites LOL! It’s a huge PITA!

Well, I hate all the ‘DevOps (development operations)’ stuff that’s involved. Having websites is actually pretty awesome. But all the ‘backend’ server stuff can eat up lots and lots of time.

It doesn’t have to though… It’s just that if it does, well… that keeps a lot of people in business. There are entire huge ‘firms’ that charge $10’s, even $100’s of thousands of dollars annually to host WordPress websites.

Nothing wrong with that… More power to them. That’s pretty expensive though, and while there are plenty of HostGator’s around to fill the cheap seats… shared hosting pretty much guarantees a site can’t get big. It is in fact sort of designed that way by nature of its oversubscribed resource model and ‘fair usage’ policies. If your site does get big on shared hosting, it’s forced to scale down by speed, or even canceled for ‘beyond fair use’. Worse yet, if another site on the same shared hosting goes beyond fair use, your site suffers in the meantime.

That’s a long way of saying that ‘shared hosting’ is mostly just a bad idea all the way around.

I needed something that would just ‘work’, support really big sites, really small sites, keep working, scale (get bigger or smaller), keep working, not stop working, and keep working some more, and all without me having to constantly manage and ‘baby’ it.

I’m not the kind of bug that’s so great at doing the same thing over and over and over again… I’m more the problem-solving kind of bug that likes to adventure around and discover new things. But, computers are really good at repetitive tasks, in fact, that’s what they are GREAT at!

So, using a bunch of open source tools, IWB is a way to host websites that meet all my criteria above.

Read on to understand how it works. If you are not familiar with Docker and ‘containerization’, none of the below will make much sense… but read it anyway, there are some parts that make some intuitive sense.

see: for more explanation on how to use the image, why I made it, the problems it solves, and how it might benefit you.

Technical Parts

This is obviously not finished yet… it’s is a work in progress…