This project is currently in development.

(geez, I need to make this page look better… but this will do for now. All things in their time.) is a project designed to demonstrate how to go from practically $0 -> to enough money to bootstrap some form of enterprise.

Everyone needs money, and everyone is valuable and should have as much as they need. That doesn’t exactly happen by accident though. It’s a process, but thankfully, at least for now, that’s still a doable thing thanks to the internet.

I have other programs designed to show someone how to go from ‘some money’ too ‘a lot more money’, and even one to go from ‘a lot of money’ -> too ‘WAY more money than anyone could need’.

But there are always people who are starting from nothing, and I hate leaving those people out.

I’ve started from nothing, more than once, and I know how ‘un-fun’ that is. Sometimes it even seems impossible. Those are the people that need the most help. That’s what, who, this program is for (going to be when I finish it).

It’s not ready yet, but it’s on my roadmap, and I’m hoping to get it done soon.

If you want to be notified when it’s ready, or even participate in the ‘beta’, before it’s openly available and ready for everyone, please signup to the notification list below with a valid email.

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