When combined, red, green, and blue, make up far more than you could ever imagine.

Why Members Only?

The first reason: just about everything is “Better Together”.

The second reason: It is better together because… when people who both recognize and appreciate value, work together to achieve some end, that is the very definition of better.

The third reason: Unless you keep out the ‘takers’ out, together is not better… it is ‘worse’, or ‘less’.

Those who ‘take’ advantage, instead of make advantage, ruin everything

It’s less because those who ‘take’ advantage, instead of make advantage, will ruin everything. Just like one bad apple can, and will, ruin a bunch… just one ‘taker’ can, and will, destroy everything you have worked toward.

I learned that third lesson, defending against the takers, the very hard way. It was one of (if not the most) important lessons I have ever learned. I hope you can learn it through my experience instead of having to discover it for yourself. It is a very expensive lesson to learn on your own.

You see, when you build really cool functional things, are super skilled in some form or another, and are always happy to help someone out or get something off the ground… The ‘takers’ can smell that a mile away.

And the ‘takers’ will bleed you dry if you do not stop them.

I wish it wasn’t so… having to ‘defend’ yourself kinda sucks, but keeping the ‘takers’ out is far more important than being inclusive. Don’t get me wrong, being inclusive is super important… but keeping out the takers is far more important because after all is said and done… the takers will leave nothing but scorched earth in their path and think nothing of it. In fact, they will even get mad at you because there isn’t any more for them to take. (true story!!!)

BUT, it is better together!

But, lots of IWB are open source. The IWB Website Factory is open source and available for anyone to use. I even have instructions on how to use it out in the open available publicly.

But IWB Members get help, access to me personally, and a bunch of very valuable tools to help get a website off the ground and grow to the next level.