Amazing things come from combining red, green, and blue.


The IWB WordPress Hive SSO (Single Sign-On) plugin facilitates signing into WordPress securely using a Hive account. If you don’t know what Hive is, you are in for a treat. Scroll to the bottom and you will find a link.

This WordPress Plugin is a part of my not-so-secret-secret-plan to facilitate a network of self-hosted websites operated by individuals, or small groups of people, enabling them to functionally share their wisdom, experience, insights, skills, talents, products, stories, music, pictures, whatever it is they got… without limitation, with very limited costs, with whoever wants to see it.

Lifting limitations is often very costly, but using economics of scale, many hands make light work. Another way of saying that, things are better together… but only when independently connected by continual choice or consent.

This is not likely something you would expect to see on a page dedicated to describing a WordPress plugin… But you will understand here shortly.

More to come.

Links at the bottom:

What is Hive anyway? And what is it good for?