This section is all shared with

So, this is a ‘bonus’ lesson mostly just to tell you about something.

All of the lessons in this section are actually a part of a course from a website I’m working on that I’m calling

I’ll put a logo here.

Please note though, the name isn’t really about cryptocurrencies, it’s about ‘secrets’ and the value of ‘work’.

For reference, the ‘value of work’ is how well it flows.

That’s a lot of what the program is about, flowing value, the ways it moves, and how to move it best. Inside that site are going to be courses titled things like, ‘The 4 Skills of Money – Money Come, Money Stack, Money Flow, Money Grow’.

I intend to show people how to store their ‘value’ in cryptocurrencies, why they should, when they should, even where they should, and also how to keep it all super safe, and how to securely pass on it to your heirs. That’s important to me, I’m not a spring chicken anymore.

But more than all that, the site is going to specifically be about the secrets of ‘humans work’, which is a lot about economics and understanding the natural flow of interactions.

Kung fu, or more precisely Qong Fu, roughly translates out to ‘mans work’, or the ‘work of man kind’. I made it ‘human kind’, because we are all humans. Most people, especially boys, think it’s about fighting and such, but it’s not. It is a marital art, but it’s about the work it takes to be strong, dependable, and honorable.

Crypto is short for Cryptography, which basically means ‘secrets’. Put them together and you have something like ‘the secrets of mans work’, CryptoKungFu. That’s the process by which I came up with the name.

But, that site is a little bit down the line, but I needed these modules for this project right now, so I had to make them. So, eventually these will be a ‘shared’ module between and here.

What that means is, eventually I will have this setup so it’s accessable directly through and you will get access to a bunch of cool stuff inside there too, as an ‘add on’ to whatever it is you’ve already got. AS in, no charge, because you are already a part of my community inside IWB.

I just think it would be a better world if people got more than they expected, more than they paid for, and extra stuff ‘stuffed in the stocking’ instead of every new thing being an extra $100.

It’s still kinda in the future, so don’t thank me yet LOL, but thanks for your support to help me make all that happen.

I hope not only to show how much I appreciate it, but that it also effects you for realz, in real life, in tangible ways. It is my mission in life to make other peoples lives better in the way that suits them best. Please let me know how I’m doing.