You Will Need A Real Computer for most everything here

You will need a real computer for most everything in here. There is just no way around that.

Mobile phones and even tablets are created as mostly ‘consumer’ devices. You can use them to create content too, but you really need a real computer for editing, and a lot of other things.

A real computer is a laptop or a desktop computer. Most modern machines have enough power to do most everything you will need.

If you don’t have one, you will need to get one to progress through these courses.

I’ll put some recommendations here if anyone ones them. If you can afford it, use something ‘apple’. They are really good solid machines to create from. You can however, use anything that suits you, as long as it’s a real computer.

If you can’t affoard one… that sucks. That definetly needs to be fixed. I’ve got a program designed for you with instructions on how to fix that starting from practically $0, but I’m not finished building it yet.

Click the button below to learn more about that, and sign up for the waiting list.